DESIGN YOUR INVITATION NOW AND ENJOY OUR CURRENT DEALS

There are no hard-and-fast rules about design. If done properly with ample time this should be an easy and relaxed process.

1. Invitations should reflect the style of your event and should be a tease as to what is to come. I had an Environmentally Friendly Beach Wedding. My invitations were made from wind energy on recycled paper and was plantable.

2. It can take a few days to a few weeks for the invitations to be printed when ordered, so make sure you are giving enough time to receive the invitations and mail them out. This should be done six to eight months before the wedding. This gives guests a chance to book time off if needed, save up in case you have a destination wedding, and does not leave a stressed bride to create a seating chart last minute.

3. Pick your font and colors carefully. Start the cohesive feel by adding your wedding colors in the invitation. Make sure the font is legible and the color allows for easy reading. For a formal wedding, traditional, classic fonts like Georgia, Times New Roman, and Book Antiqua are timeless choices that set a dignified, restrained tone that never goes out of style. A soft cream, ivory, or white paper will enhance the effect. For a more informal event choose a typeface like Comic Sans, Courier New.

4. Include Stamp and Return Address. It will be easy for them to respond without the hassle. This ensures you get your guest count sooner than later. This will make you and the caterer very happy :-) 

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                                                  DESIGN YOUR INVITATION NOW AND ENJOY OUR CURRENT DEALS

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